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Progressive Mobile App Development

Progressive Mobile Apps have been the fastest growing digital platform for local business. So much so, that Google, Microsoft and Apple are now aggressively pushing progressive apps over Native Apps.

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What Is A Progressive Mobile App?

A Progressive Mobile App, is different than a "Native App." With a Native App, you download the App onto your smart-phone and it takes up large amounts of your smart-phone space. A Progressive Mobile App runs on the internet, and the only thing that gets put on your smart-phone is the small "Icon" image that links to the Progressive Mobile App.

Our Progressive App Styles

We currently have three Progressive APP Styles, with more coming in the near future. APPs would be modified to mirror your company's color scheme or other colors to meet your needs. These three Progressive App Styles include:

*** To View an App Style, Click on Image with your Smart-Phone ***

Progressive App Features

A Progressive Mobile App can be developed to meet your specific needs. Available features of Progressive Mobile Apps for local businesses include, but are not limited to

Advantages of having a Progressive Mobile App

Google, Microsoft, and Apple are all pushing Progressive Apps over Native Apps. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that Progressive Mobile Apps can be designed to NOT download the App on the smart-phone and run on the internet. This dramatically reduces the need to delete your Mobile App to save space or make space to download another app.

Other Advantages include:

Cost for a Progressive App

We charge $250.00 for the development of your Progressive Mobile App, and may often have your Mobile App completed and live within a matter of hours.

The only additional fee for your Progressive Mobile App, is an annual "hosting, maintenance & upgrade" fee of $100.00 per year, which will not begin until NEXT YEAR, on the first day of the corresponding calendar quarter (rounded up). Example: If you purchase your Mobile App in November of 2020, the annual fee would not begin until January 1st, 2022.

The annual fee covers all "hosting, maintenance, updates, modifications & upgrades" during the calendar year.

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